How To Increase Views On Your Instagram Stories

How To Increase Views On Your Instagram Stories

Have you noticed a decrease in your Instagram Stories’ viewership? You’re not alone. Instagram is finally cracking down on 3rd party bots.

If you have ever noticed someone that doesn’t follow you always viewing your stories, either you have an online admirer that doesn’t want to commit (haha), OR they’re a paid-for 3rd party bot.

Generally, what the goal is for you to see them view your story, so you go and visit their profile and follow them because they’re paying so much attention to your stories, so why not?

It’s a clever tactic that I’m sure works, but it also creeps people out! I’ve had friends text me with screenshots from their Instagram accounts, perplexed why various celebrities that they’ve never interacted with or talked about are suddenly zoning in on their InstaStories.

Now that Instagram is figuring out a way to stop these growth hacks, most likely your views are taking a nosedive. But now’s your chance to have real connections with your fan base, customers, or readers.

Check out this awesome post by Jill Warren at Later with some great tips to increase your story views:

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