We offer extensive services to help start/grow your business/brand. Our services can be purchased a la carte, bundled into a package, or can be an ongoing agreement depending on your needs. Click the items below to expand them and find out more.

We offer social media account creation/setup along with working with you to create and implement a strategy that includes various types of posts to promote your brand and engage your followers. 

We also offer consultation/strategy services.

  • Writing + Distributing press releases.
  • EPK (Electronic Press Kit) Configuration and Distribution.
  • Crafting promotional social media posts + ads, establishing social media ambassadors for your brand.
  • ePR: Distributing press releases/email blasts to lists of journalists/bloggers as well as individually pitching the media.
    Coordinating interviews + press days.

Pricing: Varies.

Packages available.

We work with you to establish your brand. It’s important to unify your brand across your digital and physical footprint. Our branding service provides an evaluation of your current product/business/image to make sure everything is in sync (colors, logo, slogan, social voice, etc.)

We can create your brand for you by providing the following:

  • Logo
  • Business Cards
  • Promotional Products
  • Branded Social Media Graphics
  • Promotional Copy for Websites, Social Media, Flyers, etc.
  • Website Creation/Customization

Pricing varies on the needs of the client.

Our design tools along with a creative eye makes it easy for us to have a fast turnaround. Here are some of the things we design:

  • Logos
  • Business Cards
  • Greeting Cards
  • Social Media Graphics
  • Book Covers
  • Newsletters
  • Flyers
  • Album Covers

We offer affordable basic websites customized to your business needs and brand. Forget the hassle of learning how to create your own website or hire an overpriced designer that won’t be there when something breaks on your site. Our packages include website setup, customization, and you can upgrade to a maintenance plan so you won’t be stuck when you need to change something on your website.

Plans include:

  • Initial Consultation to discuss the needs and function of your website.
  • Domain Name Setup
  • The setup and creation of a fully functional WordPress site, linked and mapped to your domain
  • Light design work and theme customization including custom colors, implementation of logo/header, installation and implementation of necessary widgets/plug-ins.
  • Basic SEO & Google Search Console & Analytics Setup
  • Hosting and Maintenance plan options also available.

We can edit your novel, speech, whitepaper, wedding vows… whatever important project you need help with! 

Need help writing in general? Enlist our help! Whether it’s as tiny as a slogan or as long as an epic novel, we can help fine tune what you want to say, or come up with the words if you don’t want to!

Pricing: Varies.

Sandy Lo is the author of 10 novels she published independently.  With her experience, she’s able to guide indie authors on the process from editing, formatting, and submitting as well as offer publicity services and set up giveaways.

  • Front + Back Cover Design
  • Book Formatting for Kindle/Paperback
  • Amazon/Online Retailer Setup

Custom Packages Available.

It’s important to keep in touch with your audience, whether you sell physical products, services, or you’re a public figure.

We create custom emails, campaigns, and newsletters and send them out at an optimized time in order to receive higher open rates.  We also manage and organize your customer/fan base to send the right campaigns to right contacts.